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President: Tony Lomas

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Treasurer: Iain McGrory

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Secretary: Sally Davies

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chaplaincy of aquitaine

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- 'Chap-Aid' is the charitable arm of the Anglican Chaplaincy of Aquitaine, France. This is the organisation the Chaplaincy has created to enable us to express our Christian faith in practical terms to people throughout the world who are in need.

- The Chaplaincy cannot give money to any outside person or organisation directly as the law requires it to pass such monies through a separate entity. So, to make its giving possible and legal, in 2006 the Chaplaincy created the necessary charitable body – known as an ‘Association Caritative’ or an ‘Association Cultuelle’.

- Called CHAP-AID, the charity’s objectives are to collect and distribute funds to enable it to provide relief to those in need, to support outreach, and to care for individuals in France or elsewhere, and to collect and distribute funds to those ends in a spirit of Christian concern.

Chap-Aid is managed by an annually elected Council.


donateSpring 2022 - collecting funds for emergency relief in Ukraine

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Dear Friends,

I don't need to highlight the concern that I am sure we are all feeling about the situation in Ukraine. Suddenly everyday people across the country have found themselves as refugees for an unprovoked attack.

I would strongly urge you all to pray fervently for an end to hostilities and for a fundamental change within the Russian leadership.  However, I am sure that you would also want to provide more practical help for our Ukrainian sisters and brothers as well.  With this in mind, through ChapAid, we will immediately be sending a significant emergency donation and at our Trustees meeting this Thursday we will be deciding how best to route this money so that it gets to those who need help as quickly as possible.

Click here to read a message a letter from Bishop Robert who is dedicating his Lent/Easter Appeal to this same cause.

I have asked all our wardens and ministry team to ensure that there will be an opportunity for you to donate at all services over the coming weeks and, if donations exceed the amount of our initial donation, the balance will, of course, also be forwarded to the correct destination.donate

I am frequently humbled by the generosity of your collective response to such emergencies and I thank you in advance for your generosity in this case as well.

Blessings, Tony

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Looking back on 2021...

charityChaplaincy Assemblée Générale: Tuesday 26th April 2022, 11:00am (online, via zoom)

All Chap-Aid members are invited to attend; we encourage you to take part in this online meeting, and you would be most welcome. Please contact a local Chap-Aid Rep for more information.


How does Chap-Aid work? Each church sector has an opportunity (prior to the annual Chap-Aid Assembly) to nominate a new charity. This is done through the channel of the Local Committee via the Chap-Aid Representative to the Chap-Aid Trustees.

- Any charity which CHAP-AID supports must not only have aims compatible with the aims and objectives of CHAP-AID but must also be a formally registered charity.

- To ensure that this is so, details of the charity must first be registered with the CHAP-AID Council for due diligence, using a specially produced Application Form (click here to download).

- The CHAP-AID Council will then decide on the validity of the charity, after due diligence has been approved. The written agreement of the CHAP-AID Council must be obtained before any fundraising can take place.




The Chaplaincy of Aquitaine is an Association Cultuelle and is governed by the Law on Associations of 1905. CHAP-AID is the Charity Association of the Chaplaincy of Aquitaine under the law governing associations of 1901 No. W332000686.

The registered office, or Siège Sociale, is Le Presbytère, 1 Lotissement la Caussade, 33270 Floirac.