Charities 2020 - 2021

www.chap-aid.comAny charity which CHAP-AID supports must not only have aims compatible with the aims and objectives of CHAP-AID but must also be a formally registered charity. To ensure that this is so, details of the charity must first be registered with the CHAP-AID Council using a specially produced Application Form (click here to download).

The Council will then decide on the validity of the charity. The written agreement of the Council must be obtained before any fundraising can take place. Application Forms can be downloaded (see above tab) or obtained from the Chairman of CHAP-AID or from your local representative or a local warden.



In 2020-2021 we currently support the following charities:


Bishop's Advent Appeal

Bishop's Lent Appeal

Christian Aid

Poppy Appeal

Médecins Sans Frontières


Water Aid

Feed The Hungry UK

Resto de Coeur

Emmaüs 24 (Dordogne)

Emmaüs 47 (Lot-et-Garonne)

Nepal New Dawn

All As One

Toilet Twinning

Bristol Homeless

Cancer Research

Maison de Marie

Foyer Fraternelle